miércoles, 10 de abril de 2013


  • We've been talking about St. Patrick's Day in class. At the end we were writing limericks, those humorous poems that have the same name as the city in Ireland. Here you are our contributions
There was a man from some town
Who always jumped up and down
When we asked him, “Dear sir”
Why are you so hyper?
He looked at us as if we were a clown.

There was a man from Guinea
Who put his bags on his knee
And noticed that it was easy
When his mother was busy
He had to put them on a tree.

There was a man from Japan
who was stealing a pan,
the police searched him
but he hide in a bin
which was full of cans.

There was a man from New York,
who emigrated there for work.
He was too angry,
because he was hungry,
and he ate too much pork.

There was a boy from Hawaii
who surfed in the night
and was attacked by a shark
it was very dark
and finally he died.

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